B3 Textile
About B3 Textile
  • Second-hand clothes thrown into Bramidan baler by dark-haired woman
  • Finished bale inside B3 Textile baler and woman in sneakers
  • Bale of second-hand clothes in front of B3 Textile baler

Bales of clothes for second-hand use

The B3 Textile is one of the smallest textile baler in the market. A bale size of only 28 x 20 x 14-26 inches, makes it easy to transport and stack the bales.

To make sure the chamber is not overloaded, the B3 Textile is equipped with a full bale light which flashes when the chamber is full.

UL® & CUL® Approved Control Panel. Meets and exceeds ANSI Standards Z245.5 and OSHA Safety Standards.

  • Simple and safe operation
    Green light flashes when chamber is full
  • Easy to replace strap rolls
    They are placed in front
  • Compact design
    With low overall height
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  • A knife in front of the baler makes it easy to cut the straps to a suitable length.
  • There are no retainers or paint inside the chamber, to prevent damage on the clothes.
  • The baler is easy to move using a narrow pallet jack.
Model B3 Textile
Press force (lbs) 6,600
Power supply 110V 1-Phase 60Hz 10A
Motor (HP) 1.3
Noise level (dB) 65-68
Cycle time (sec) 49
Dimensions WxDxH (inch) 38 x 30 x 86
Weight (lbs) 685
Feed opening WxH (inch) 28 x 18
Load height (inch) 30
Chamber height (inch) 43
Stroke (inch) 30
Bale size WxDxH (inch) 28 x 20 x 14-26
Bale weight OCC (lbs) 65-110
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