About MC4
  • Woman fills cardboard into right chamber of MC4 baler
  • Woman removes cardboard bale from Multichamber baler
  • Girl pushes trolley with cardboard bale next to Bramidan baler

Small Multi Chamber baler

The MC4 multi chamber baler is perfect for compressing small volumes of several types of waste. With two or more chambers, you can sort your waste directly at the machine. You can add the number of chambers that you require.

An automatic full light indicator, which flashes when a bale is full, ensures you do not overload the baler. Eject the finished bale and remove it easily by using the included hand cart.

The MC4 multi chamber baler can easily be moved around using a pallet jack, which makes the installation of the baler very simple.

  • Safe and secure operation
    This baler meets ANSI Z245.5 and OSHA Safety Standards.
  • Easy to connect
    Operates on single phase power supply.
  • Sort and compress waste
    You can sort into two or more chambers.
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  • Full light indicator tells when the bale is full, ready for ejection.
  • Two-hand grip for safe moving of the press section.
  • You easily cut strapping with a knife mounted in front of the baler.
Model MC4
Press force (lbs) 8800
Power supply 1x110V 60Hz 20A
Motor (HP) 1.8
Noise level (dB) 65-68
Cycle time (sec) 39
Dimensions WxDxH (inch) 68 x 38 x 85
Weight (lbs) 1290
Feed opening WxH (inch) 28 x 20
Load height (inch) 50
Chamber height (inch) 42
Stroke (inch) 30
Bale size WxDxH (inch) 28 x 20 x 20-28
Bale weight OCC (lbs) 65-110
Bale weight plastic (lbs) 85-180
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